Custom Design worldwide & in Sterling Heights

Same Day Design & Render

We understand that time is of the essence. Most jewelry stores will take weeks to show a custom design and then months to create your design. With us, we save you weeks of time by creating the sketch, render and wax all within the same day. Come in with your idea and we’ll create your render and wax within hours. Watch our video to learn more!

Our Custom Design Process

Step One: The Idea

Every great creation starts with a great idea. Whether it’s a style you’ve seen online or a vision in your head, this is the stage where you tell our designer what it is you have in mind.

Step Two: The Sketch

Once the designer has your vision, they will then draft a sketch for you in real time. This sketch will be used to help create the 3D render which will then become the wax for the design.

Step Three: Render & Wax

After you approve of the sketch, the design then gets rendered into a 3D image which will then turn into a real wax render of your custom design. How long will this take? Only a matter of HOURS compared to your typical jewelry store which can take weeks!

Step Four: Approval

Before we send it out to cast, we’ll set up one more appointment for you to take a look at the wax and render. If you are satisfied, we will then send out the wax to be cast into your one-of-a-kind ring!

Step Five: The Finished Product

Enjoy and admire your design at its final stage! Make sure to tell your friends!

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Our Portfolio

Originality is so important when it comes to designing an engagement ring. At Solari & Co., we make sure that every ring we design is special and one of a kind. So what are you waiting for? Send us a text and let’s get started or visit us for a custom design in Sterling Heights, Michigan! We are available local and worldwide!