Women's Cartier Trinity 5.8mm Large 18kt White Yellow Rose Gold Rolling Stacking Bangles

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I have bought and sold so many pieces of cartier jewelry since 2004. I have such a hard time finding these bangles in sizes that fit medium to average wrist sizes. With a inner circumference of approx. 68mm as measured, this will fit most average wrist sizes. Each bangle is hall marked correctly and we guarantee this item to be 100% Authentic. One of the most iconic pieces cartier has made in the last century is this collection. We have polished the bangles to perfection and are eager to help this set find its forever wrist to enjoy for many years to come.


Brand: Cartier

Model: Trinity de Cartier

Serial: GDLA6XX

Material: 18kt solid white, yellow, and rose gold.

Style: Bangles, Integrated rolling

Size: 68 mm circumference, 5.8mm thick each bangle.

Weight: 68 grams

Circa: 1997

Notes: We guarantee these bangles to be 100% authentic cartier to your money back! As always, we stand behind every signed or branded piece we offer. While we are not authorized dealers, many of the products we offer came from distributors or dealers of these goods. We have been buying and selling signed pieces since 2004 and are experts in making sure that you get exactly what we describe at a much bette price than most anywhere else.

History of the collection:

One of the oldest Cartier jewelry collections still in existence today, the Trinity line was created by Louis Cartier in 1924. Characterized by three interlocking rings—each in white, yellow, and pink gold. Each of the colors represents a meaning: The white band symbolizes friendship, the yellow represents fidelity, The rose gold which signifies love. To this day, the trinity collection remains one of the most popular and iconic of this fabulous maker.


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