Elongated Hexagon 1.98 Carat 11x7mm Oregon Sunstone Gemstone


Elongated Hexagon 1.98 Carat 11x7mm Oregon Sunstone Gemstone

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Here we have a custom cut genuine Oregon sunstone ready to be used in the custom engagement ring, pendant, anything you can think of. We are happy to give you a quote to use this stone to custom make your jewelry piece using our own in house jeweler on the entire process at a budget set by you.

Gemstone: Feldspar Oregon Sunstone

Origin: Oregon

Treatment: None 100% natural from rough to cutting.

Shape: Elongated Hexagon

Weight: 1.98 Carats

Measurement: 11mm from longest points. 7mm from flat side to flat side

Clarity: Eye Clean

Color: Green with some mix of copper color that is one of the most desirable in the sunstone family.

Certificate: Stone will arrive to you in a gem box with a full appraisal.

Please Note: The photos and videos are shot at high resolution and magnification to show details. The color will vary outside of the light box and most flaws that are visible within these pictures and videos may not be visible to the naked eye.

Upon request, we will gladly supply additional photos or videos of the stone before you purchase. We are also happy to create any piece of jewelry you wish with this stone. If you wish to make something custom and want a free quote, message us or use our text to shop link and a project manager will help you.

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